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Terms of Service “Updated”

Based on feedback from our users we have made some clarifications to our Terms of Service, we saw some complains that our Terms of Service were too hard to understand, so we made a TL;DR version with simplified language. You can read this version here: PS1: The actual content has not changed, we have […]

News / Updates

WebFTP Update

A couple months ago we added a new “Beta WebFTP”, this was a custom-made, open-source WebFTP client created by one of our staff (Alvin) members on its free time, during this last few months he has been hard at work fixing some issues and making it work pretty well. For this reason, this WebFTP has […]


How to open a ticket?

Follow the guide below to open a ticket: Go to the Control Panel (Direct Link: Control Panel) Under Support click Tickets (Direct Link: Support > Tickets) Click the Open New Ticket button under the Tickets heading (Direct Link: Open Ticket) Read the tips on the right side and it would be best if you can find what you are looking […]