[RESOLVED] Scorpion Node Emergency Maintenance Expected Delays

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We hope this message reaches you in good spirits. At FreeMcServer.net, our unwavering commitment is to provide an unbroken and high-quality gaming experience. As part of this pledge, we operate a 24/7 monitoring of our nodes to uphold our stringent standards of performance and reliability.

During the early hours today, our monitoring systems flagged a critical alert for the Germany Scorpion Node. This key infrastructural pillar is accountable for managing a significant volume of traffic and hosting a myriad of servers. In response to this alert, we’re taking immediate measures to ensure the ongoing stability of our services.

In our ongoing efforts to maintain the high-quality and secure gaming environment you trust us to provide, we’ve decided to temporarily disable the Germany Scorpion Node to facilitate a thorough maintenance routine and ensure data integrity. This course of action is vital in ensuring the continued high performance of our infrastructure. Expert teams from the data center will embark on an in-depth inspection and take necessary corrective measures.

Our focus, without getting too immersed in technical jargon, lies primarily with the Node’s NVMe, a crucial component that greatly influences system performance.

Considering the Germany Scorpion Node’s significant role within our network, we anticipate a temporary reduction in our overall capacity during this maintenance period. To mitigate this and minimize potential service disruptions, we will activate several temporary nodes. While we expect this to alleviate most impacts on our service, we may not fully neutralize the effects during peak usage hours due to the substantial nature of the Germany Scorpion Node.

Further, as servers transition between nodes, we anticipate a higher than usual load in our queues. This may cause some delay in operations such as server moves and restores. We sincerely request your understanding and patience during this time, as we endeavor to keep any disruptions to an absolute minimum.

Should you notice any significant changes in your server’s performance or have any concerns, remember that our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you.

We appreciate the importance of a seamless gaming experience and extend our deepest apologies for any inconvenience that may be caused by this situation. We deeply value your patience and understanding as we navigate through this maintenance period, striving to continue offering you the highest level of service possible.

Rest assured, we will provide regular updates throughout this process to keep you fully informed of our progress.

Thank you for your understanding and your steadfast support.

UPDATE @ 12:08:51Z: All servers have been safely moved away from Scorpion node, node going offline shortly

UPDATE @ 12:17:06Z: Datacenter team given the green light to take the machine offline and perform maintenance

Update @ 12:58:00Z: Datacenter maintenance in progress

Update @ 13:12:54Z: The datacenter team has returned the machine to us, we are not running tests to ensure the problem is gone, and will then prepare the server to bring it back online

Update @ 13:17:31Z: Tests indicate the issue is indeed resolved, we are now preparing the machine to bring it back online

Update @ 13:43:26Z: Scorpion node is now back online and operating normally