Introducing the Revamped App: Enhanced Performance & Features for the Ultimate Minecraft Server Hosting Experience

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Hello, fellow Ducklings! 🦆🎉

We are beyond excited to announce the official release of our completely revamped Android app! This update represents a significant milestone in our journey to provide the ultimate free Minecraft server hosting experience on your mobile device. We’ve listened to your feedback, worked tirelessly on improvements, and now we are proud to present the latest version of our app to you!

🌟 What’s New in This Release? 🌟

Our team has rewritten the app from scratch, focusing on enhancing performance, user experience, and functionality. Here are some of the key features and improvements we’ve implemented:

  1. Improved User Interface: The new app boasts a sleek, modern, and intuitive design, making server management a breeze for both new and experienced users alike (that will still continue to improve)
  2. Enhanced Performance: We’ve optimized the app for a smoother, faster, and more stable hosting experience, ensuring that you can manage your Minecraft server with ease and confidence.
  3. Expanded Features: In addition to the existing features you know and love, we’ve added or improved several new tools to help you manage your server more effectively:
    • Earn free credits by watching ads
    • Monitor your server’s performance with real-time usage metrics
    • Control your server with start, and stop buttons
    • Access and manage your server’s console and commands
    • Keep track of online players and maintain a secure gaming environment by being able to kick or ban players from the app
  4. Continued Beta Testing: As we remain committed to the ongoing improvement of the app, our beta structure will continue. This means that we will keep working on the app and refining its features based on your valuable feedback.

📣 How to Get the New App 📣

The updated app is now available for download on the Play Store. To get started, simply head over to the store, search for “,” and install the app on your Android device.

Alternatively, the app is available here:

🙌 A Special Thank You 🙌

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all the beta testers who joined us in the closed beta phase. Your feedback and dedication have been invaluable in helping us create a better hosting experience for the entire community.

As we move forward, we encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with us. Your input helps us build a better hosting platform, block by block.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the new and improved app and experience the next level of free Minecraft server hosting on your Android device!

Happy hosting! 🏰💙

The Team