How can I delete my server or my account?

How to delete the server: If you want to delete your server, you can reset ( delete everything ) the server by following this guide here or creating a ticket asking for your server to be deleted. Want some help with tickets? Go here. Once a server is deleted there will be no going back and freemcserver.net does […]


What does my server status mean?

Server status can tell what is going on with the server. Expired: Active time ended and the server can’t be used/accessed until it is renewed Configuring: A lock for you not to change stuff when the system is taking automated actions, ex: you press reinstall, your server goes into the frozen state until it’s your […]

News / Updates

Upcoming price increase

Like many companies, rising energy costs are having an impact on our business. The main reason for this increase is due to soaring gas prices (directly linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine).In the spirit of full transparency, we would like to inform you that, over the Q3 2022 period, we already experienced an increase […]


What are the free server types?

1.13 and above are really bad in free always online and take a huge amount of ram. So when creating a server or moving to 1.13 and above please change the server type to high memory and reduce the simulation-distance (called view-distance before 1.18) to 3-5 in the server.properties file. Not doing so will cause […]