How to access server files

We give our users full access to their servers’ files so we provide FTP credentials to access the files via any FTP client or you can use WebFTP. If you want to upload a file/folder that is bigger than 100MB, It is recommended to install filezilla and connect using the credentials in FTP page.


How to create a backup?

Backup is a new feature that was added on the 13th of Nov 2020 as it was highly requested by users. General information Backups are stored off-site from your node, so in case of a node-specific failure (Disk Failure, Meteor hitting the data center, etc) your backups should remain safe. The feature is completely free […]


Discord Booster FAQ

Server Boosting the official discord server can give a user certain perks: Nitro Booster role Extra RAM on your server (+1GB on High Memory servers, +512MB on Always Online servers) Access to Priority Support the Donator channel Access to our more restricted social/fun channel Possible beta access to new features before they are released to the public 10% CPU Bonus on […]


What CPU Multipliers are available?

The following CPU multipliers are currently available: USER_VERIFICATION_MULTIPLIERValue: +20%This is obtained by verifying your account on the verification tab USER_DISCORD_MEMBERSHIP_MULTIPLIERValue: +5%This is obtained by being a member of our Discord USER_DISCORD_BOOSTER_MULTIPLIERValue: +10%Obtain this by boosting our Discord


Account Verification FAQ

What is Account Verification?Account Verification is a process that allows us to safely provide you with more features/resources.You can find out what is needed to be verified if you go to Account Verification in your account settings here. Please note you do need to be logged in to access this page.During this process, we will review your account […]

Plugin Tutorials

How to setup GeyserMC?

Geyser Plugin – You will not need multiple servers for this guide. Follow the guide below to create a Java/Bedrock Server with Geyser (Plugin): You will be able to connect with your Node IP and same port as your java server. Geyser Standalone – You must have 2 servers to use this guide. You would […]