[RESOLVED] Abnormal slowness on the Neptune node

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In the last few days we started observing some abnormal, and inexplicable slowness on the Neptune node, we are currently investigating and trying to pin down whats causing it.

At this time we have already excluded the usual things (server overload, network issues, etc), as you can see from our monitoring the server usage is pretty smooth and not even reaching 50% usage most of the time.

We will update this page when he have more information on this issue.

Thanks for your understanding

UPDATE 1 @ 2022-11-05 1504Z: Our datacenter has confirmed an hardware issue with the servers CPU cooling, for this reason we will be temporarily disabling this node to allow for the datacenter to perform the required maintenance

UPDATE 2 @ 2022-11-05 1645Z: All servers have now been moved away from the Neptune node, and the node has been shutdown to allow for the hardware maintenance to happen

UPDATE 3 @ 2022-11-05 2210Z: The issue has now been fixed and the Neptune node is back online again, we expect its performance to also increase by 5-7 times