How to setup the Dynmap Plugin?

Plugin Tutorials
  1. Go to “Plugins” and search for “Dynmap”
  2. Start the server to generate all the files
  3. Go to Ports tab and set up a port like so
        – Port Number: 50490 (Choose from 50000 – 51000)
        – Port Type: TCP
  4. Go to your server files -> plugins -> dynmap then edit configuration.txt file
  5. Find and replace webserver-port to the one you have setup in Settings > Port
# The path where the /dynmapexp command exports OBJ ZIP files
exportpath: export
# The network-interface the webserver will bind to ( for all interfaces, for only local access).
# If not set, uses same setting as server in (or if not specified)
# The TCP-port the webserver will listen on. 8213 is the default port.
webserver-port: 5XXXX
# Maximum concurrent session on internal web server - limits resources used in Bukkit server
max-sessions: 30
# Disables Webserver portion of Dynmap (Advanced users only)
disable-webserver: false
  1. Start the server and locate the following in the console:
    15.11 16:59:53 [Server] INFO [16:59:53 INFO]: [dynmap] Web server started on address
  2. Go to SERVER-IP:WEBSERVER-PORT in a new tab, replacing SERVER-IP with your own node server IP and WEBSERVER-PORT with the number you chose in the config file

SERVER-IP is the Node IP of your server (Example: