Open Beta for Our Android App Update!

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Hello, fellow Ducklings! 🦆🎉

We are thrilled to announce that our Android app update is transitioning from closed beta to open beta on Google Play! 📱✨ This isn’t just any update; we’ve completely re-written the app, infusing it with exciting new features and improvements. However, please note that we’re limiting the open beta to the first 1,000 users, so be sure to opt-in quickly on the Play Store or through this link:

As this is still an active beta development, you may come across a few bugs or missing features. But fear not! You can always revert to the main version from the Play Store if needed. Once the app has undergone extensive testing, we’ll make it available to everyone through a regular update. 🚀

We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to our amazing Donators community for their invaluable help testing the app before the open beta! 🙌 While the open beta will be released once we have a new feature batch, our Donators in the closed beta will continue to receive updates more frequently.

As you explore the open beta, you’ll discover some fantastic highlights, including:

🌙 Dark Mode: The long-awaited feature is finally here! Give your eyes a break and embrace the darkness with Dark Mode! 😎

💰 Credit Reward System Rework: We’ve restructured the credit reward system to eliminate errors and ensure accurate ad tracking. No more stuck ads – just smooth rewards! 🎬

🔒 Security Improvements: Our app’s security has been enhanced, creating a safer environment for everyone to enjoy!

✨ UI Improvements: We’ve introduced a few UI enhancements, with more on the way to improve your overall experience!

🐞 Bug Squashing & Crash Fixes: We’ve cleaned up the app and tackled numerous crashes and bugs, making your experience smoother than ever!

📊 Resource Usage & Online Players: Keep an eye on your server’s resource usage and see who’s online, all from within the app! 👥

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pickaxes and join us in building a better hosting experience, block by block! 🛠️

The adventure continues! 🚀