How to setup GeyserMC?

Plugin Tutorials

Geyser Plugin – You will not need multiple servers for this guide.

Follow the guide below to create a Java/Bedrock Server with Geyser (Plugin):

  1. Go and reinstall the server and choose the following:
        – Variant: PaperMC or Purpur
        – Version: Any version you want
  2. Restart the server
  3. Download the Geyser Spigot plugin from here
  4. Upload the plugin to the plugin folder using WebFTP or FileZilla
  5. Restart the server to generate the plugin files
  6. Go to Geyser-Spigot folder
  7. Edit config.yml
  8. Change clone-remote-port to true and the following in config.yml of GeyserMC.
    clone-remote-port: true

      address: auto
  9. Restart the server and now you’re done.

You will be able to connect with your Node IP and same port as your java server.

For bedrock users to join the server without needing a java account, you will need Floodgate. Otherwise, you will need a java account to join the server.