Account Verification FAQ


What is Account Verification?
Account Verification is a process that allows us to safely provide you with more features/resources.
You can find out what is needed to be verified if you go to Account Verification in your account settings here. Please note you do need to be logged in to access this page.
During this process, we will review your account history to make sure you follow our Terms of Service.

What do I get when I am verified?
By verifying you will get access to some features you would otherwise not have access to, as an example:

  • Having 2 servers on your account
  • Ability to use Custom JARs
  • CPU limit for your servers gets increased by 20%

How long is this process?
After you meet ALL the requirements just press the Request Verification button and you should get a decision in 1-10 days.

Verification time can increase and when that does happen you will be notified in our Discord Server.

What happens if my verification is rejected? Can I apply again?
If your verification is rejected, you might be able to re-apply, with no promises.

If I get approved, can I later lose verification?
Yes, if you violate the Terms of Service in any way shape or form (ie: one of your servers gets suspended) you will permanently lose the verification status and any benefits from it.

Do I need to pass all requirements?
Yes, you need to fill everything till it says passed or completed. If you are unable to verify for whatever reason, freemcserver cannot do anything about it.
Unable to verify = You are not going to be verified. It’s as simple as that.


  • Ask to be verified immediately
  • Ask freemcserver staff why your request got denied or accepted (we won’t know)
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