How to open a ticket?


Follow the guide below to open a ticket:

  1. Go to the Control Panel (Direct Link: Control Panel)
  2. Under Support click Tickets (Direct Link: Support > Tickets)
  3. Click the Open New Ticket button under the Tickets heading (Direct Link: Open Ticket)
  4. Read the tips on the right side and it would be best if you can find what you are looking for in this forum
  5. Choose the department from the dropdown depending on what you are creating a ticket for
  6. Only choose the server from the dropdown if your issue is related to a server you own or have access to
  7. Please fully explain your question or issue in the box below the dropdown
  8. Once the ticket has been created, check back a few hours or days later for a reply

The departments in the dropdown are listed below:

  • English Support – For normal issues
  • Abuse – For suspended or terminated server issues


  • Ask to be verified immediately
  • Ask why your verification request got accepted or denied
  • Open multiple tickets about the same issue
  • Type in languages other than ENGLISH ONLY in ticket (unless the department says you are allowed)

Do NOT ask or hint in any way, shape or form for a ticket to be replied otherwise the ticket will be closed without a response and you will receive a warning.

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