How to create a backup?


Backup is a new feature that was added on the 13th of Nov 2020 as it was highly requested by users.

General information

  • Backups are stored off-site from your node, so in case of a node-specific failure (Disk Failure, Meteor hitting the data center, etc) your backups should remain safe.
  • The feature is completely free and everyone has access to it, although, on the free plan you can only have 1 backup stored at a time, you will need to delete old backups to create new backups
  • Backups are not touched when you re-install or move your server (even if you pick the “Delete Files” option), so as long as you have a backup your fine.

How to create a backup?

Your server needs to be active before performing any actions.

  1. Go to the “Backups” tab on your server
  2. Click on “Create a Backup”
  3. Wait a few minutes till the backup is created, the status will update on the table.

How to restore/delete a backup?

You can restore and delete backups on the latest backup.

Can I take a download of the backup?

Yes, as of 26th of Jun 2021 you can now take a download of the latest backup.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to know if my backup is successful?

You will see that your backup status changed to Created

What failed status mean?

If your backup failed then there’s probably a backup creating already or your backup has passed 1 hour creating then it timeouts and is marked as Failed

How do I know that my server is restored? I can’t wait on the page for a few minutes.

You will get an email when the restoration progress is done.

Your backups will be deleted if your server got deleted as well.

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