Exciting News: Daily Online Time Rewards System is now available for all users! 🎉

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This system encourages user loyalty by rewarding users who spend a certain amount of time on our platform each day. Users accumulate rewards based on a streak system that tracks their daily online activity. By meeting the daily online time requirement, users can earn credits that can be used on the website.

Please note that the system is still in beta and subject to change.

Here’s how it works:

🕒 Daily Online Time Requirement

Users must spend a minimum amount of time on our platform each day to be eligible for rewards.

At this time this value is set to 10 minutes but is subject to change

🔥 Streak System

We track each user’s daily online activity using a streak system. The streak increases by one each day when the user meets the daily online time requirement. If a user fails to meet the requirement on any day, the streak resets to 1.

💰 Reward Tiers

Users can earn rewards at specific milestones based on their current streak. These milestones can be set to various streak lengths and grant a certain amount of credits when achieved. The credits earned can be used on the website.

The current reward tiers are:

  • 2-day streak: 10 credits
  • 7-day streak: 15 credits
  • 15-day streak: 25 credits
  • 22-day streak: 30 credits
  • 30-day streak: 40 credits

Please note that these tiers are subject to change.

We hope this system encourages you to stay active on our platform and rewards your dedication to our community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you for your continued support!